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Point Blank playing in Offline?

We know that Point Blank is one of the most loved FPS games in IndonesiaThis game enthusiasts regardless of agefrom kindergarten up to his kindergarten teacher was not uncommon to play this one gameGameplay This game is very interesting and very challengingbecause a pamain required to really become a good shooterGraffik of this game was fairly goodBut unfortunately in PB often garnished with the Cheater,thus making the pamain restless really mangandalkan skillCheat has a lot of hanging around on the internetand almost every day Cheat latest updates are always available on the internetIn addition, this game is also online, which means that in addition required to have adequate computer equipmentwe are also required to have at least 128kbps internet access. It is certainly not going to be a problemif you have both these conditionsBut what if we do not have internet access at homebut needs to play PB always passionate.

Okay waitwe still can play Point Blank with no internet connectionPoint Blank was able to play without an internet connection. Here we just use FPS Game Mod Counter Strike that in such a way that resembles the game Point BlankEven though we played a game Counter Strikebut with some cool mod that we seemed to play a real PB because it covers Mod MapsWeaponetc. Characterssubstantially similar.

Similar is not it? still many weapons and other Maps are the same as in Point BlankGood is not it, this way we can practice playing PB without an internet connection.

CSPB advantages:

    ADoes not require Internet connection
    2There will be no cheaters on the loose
    3No need to go to the cafe strings attached yet, please download

Part 1          : Download >>here
Part 2          : Download >>here
Part 3          : Download >>here

Semoga bermanfaat bagi gamers sejati..,,

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